Batch Management at the Warehouse and Production

Mobile data collection of products that require batch management with ERP integration

L-mobile digital warehouse management – mobile data collection batch management solution

Due to legal quality and safety requirements, various companies and manufacturers are required to carry out batch management and to provide all goods with batch labeling. Batches (also called lots) play a key role in tracking the raw materials used, the incorporated parts, and the final products sold throughout the entire manufacturing process. This ensures the required quality and safety for consumers. This is also referred to as traceability. Although batch labeling is handled differently in different industries, it still requires systems with certain technical prerequisites in order to meet the legislative requirements. Batch management capabilities are already covered by most warehouse management systems or ERP systems. Because the correct handling of batches is so vital, it is important to have a simple and user-friendly interface. Daily work with batches can be simplified with software solutions from L-mobile, which are integrated into your ERP system.