Digital Production Function Overview

Digital production from L-mobile gets you a whole lot closer to your goal of transparent production. All components from L-mobile production, such as L-mobile E-Label, L-mobile Digital Assembly Instruction System, Pick-by-Light, or E-Kanban, are designed to make it easier for you to get on board with Industry 4.0. You yourself decide to what extent you want to adapt your processes to Industry 4.0.
The L-mobile modular MES gives you the greatest flexibility in the digitalization of your production processes. Depending on the project scope, you can combine individual standalone solutions with your existing processes, such as machine data collection, production data collection, or E-Label. Or, you can opt for a complete MES solution to create maximum transparency in your work environment.
Our solutions not only support you in your company’s digital transformation, L-mobile also functions as an interface between your manufacturing processes and your ERP system. This way your data is always digital, mobile, easily accessible from anywhere, and can be flexibly posted to your ERP in real time.