Digital Production | Material Flow

Transportation, processing, storage, handling, identification, and inspection—all of these operational subprocesses are performed in large quantities, sometimes simultaneously. Seamless and transparent material flow is required to maintain an overview.

Digital production from L-mobile offers various functions for increasing the performance of your manufacturing processes. These standard modules can be integrated into your existing processes individually, or operated as a complete solution of our modular MES. Whatever the extent to which you use the software solutions for paperless manufacturing, digital production supports you on the path to the smart factory. Moreover, thanks to the automation and digitalization of your manufacturing processes, it will enable you to maintain your competitive edge with software solutions based on Industry 4.0.

Why is smooth material flow so important for a smart factory? Not only are you provided with information about the location, status, and production progress of your materials, which is crucial for further production planning, but your production processes become more transparent and easier to plan, resulting in shorter throughput times. However, it is not just functions for material flow, but also various track and trace technologies that can help you successfully navigate the path to transparent manufacturing.