Service Technician App | Mobile Field Service Assignment Software

Successful Field Service Management through Mobile Data Collection for Field Service Staff

The L-mobile service technician app is your tool for efficient service management. Is your workday always made up of missing time sheets, carbon copies with illegible handwriting and hours spent manually entering data into your customer management/ERP system? Our field service app for service technicians makes all that a thing of the past.

The field service app lets you digitally record service technician working times and all other relevant information on their field service assignments, and also invoices. You can even view a service history, which shows all previously completed field service assignments, at any time in the app. In addition, dispatchers provide technicians with a route-optimized deployment plan which they can access from their mobile devices (tablet or smartphone). These functions make it possible for you to save time and money and to also conserve valuable resources like paper. In addition, your accounting department no longer has to wait weeks to get time sheets and order documents from service technicians before they can generate invoices. The field service app runs on all popular operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows.