With the mobile warehouse management solution L-mobile warehouse ready for SAP, processes like picking, inventory, and others can be handled digitally.

L-mobile warehouse ready for SAP enables ERNI to implement mobile and digital warehouse processes—from order picking to inventory.

Pre-picking of sales orders can be done even faster and at the same time error-free with the forklift guidance system including GPS tracking.

Birkenmeier stein+design was founded in 1949 solely as a manufacturing company and is now established at the Niederrimsingen site with 4 plants.

Mack Alu-Systeme GmbH is one of the leading machining companies for long and large-volume aluminum profiles and complex structural parts.

Train manufacturer Stadler Altenrhein AG focuses on the market segments for regional and urban trains as well as interregio and intercity trains.

With L-mobile’s mobile warehouse management solution, warehouse workers at Stadler Altenrhein AG work with greater speed and flexibility on a digital basis.

PASS GmbH & Co. KG is an automotive supplier that specializes in the development and manufacturing of rubber, plastic, and system components. The company has four branches in Germany as well as four additional production facilities around the world.

Thanks to the L-mobile warehouse solution, the warehouse clerks at PASS GmbH und Co. KG can now respond more quickly to individual customer demands.

The Molkereigenossenschaft Hohenlohe-Franken eG dairy cooperative in Schrozberg depends on L-mobile warehouse ready for MS Dynamics.