L-mobile References

We may be satisfied with our software solutions, but it is really important to us that our customers are satisfied with them too.

We have a proven track record of implementing complex industrial software projects and meeting our customer’s requirements to their full satisfaction, as demonstrated by our excellent references from mid-sized companies to large corporations.

Since L-mobile was founded in 2001, this owner-operated company has focused on the often complicated and rigidly predefined processes of various data collection systems, with the aim of providing mobile handling that is simpler, more flexible, and more efficient. As a mobile B2B software solution provider, we strive to optimize the business processes of our customers—in the warehouse, logistics, production, customer and field sales service, and project management.

Our close collaboration with major German system houses, combined with the expertise of over 300 employees whose goal it is to simplify your daily work, make us a trusted and competent partner.

Our PRINCE2-certified project managers have successfully implemented more than 1.700 projects ranging from 1 to 1,000 users. Companies in a variety of different industries—from mid-level workshops to global corporations—are already benefiting from our innovative solutions that integrate with the existing IT landscape.