L-mobile warehouse ready for SAP Business One: mobile warehouse management in combination with Business One

Warehouse management add-on for SB1 for SMEs

L-mobile Mobile Software Solutions—SAP Business One ERP Interface

Digitalize your company’s warehouse processes with L-mobile warehouse ready for SAP Business One warehouse management software. The mobile warehouse management add-on extends your existing SAP Business One functions to enable paperless, transparent, and efficient warehouse management. Designed specifically for warehouse management in SAP Business One for use by SMEs, the add-on provides some significant advantages. The warehouse management software for Business One enables you to do away with paper printouts and to perform data collection both at the storage location and at the storage bin using handheld scanners.

All information about the goods (quantity, item number, batch, storage bin) is transferred to the SME’s ERP system in real time via scanners, thus eliminating the need for manual data transfer to SAP Business One. Your warehouse workers can view warehouse stock on their mobile handheld device on the spot as well as scan items and goods to locate their storage bin. Picking lists will also be processed digitally in future. The items to be picked are clearly displayed on the mobile handheld device, enabling warehouse workers to see the stock and corresponding storage location, and to process lists based on efficient routes. Simple warehouse management in combination with SAP Business One is thus ensured.

For optimal entry into warehouse management with SAP Business One and the L-mobile warehouse ready for SAP Business One add-on, we have created a compact starter kit. The warehouse starter kit provides you with all the relevant information and pricing for the mobile warehouse management solution at a glance and is also the optimum basis for implementing further digitalization projects.