Field Service Management | Remote Support with Augmented Reality

Carry out repairs and maintenance work in the technical field service with augmented reality

Repairs, maintenance, and quality inspections for machines and systems involve varying levels of complexity. This work requires special expertise for the many possible service situations. Augmented reality (AR) enables easy solution finding as well as knowledge transfer for future service requests. Your internal service employees, technicians, customers, or business partners are given specific instructions by an expert. Using tablets, smartphones, or smart glasses, the augmented support employee (e.g. a service employee back in the office or the manufacturer) sees what the technician or the customer sees. They then provide assistance via video call and virtual elements such as drawings, symbols, or SMS.

Augmented reality is fully integrated into the L-mobile service software solution and provides innovative field service management. Your service technicians or customers can call up remote support via the service app and assign it directly to an existing field service work order. All images, notes, and screenshots are stored in the field service work order management system, so you can build your knowledgebase and history data for future use.