L-mobile Digital Assembly Instruction System | Digital Work Instructions in Assembly

The L-mobile digital assembly instruction system facilitates automated working methods in your manufacturing and, as a digital worker guidance system, it always provides the right information regarding the manufacturing process. With the aid of auto ID technologies, such as RFID or UWB, orders are clearly identified and the appropriate work instructions and documents are displayed for each step of the manufacturing process. So even complex and variable assembly processes can be implemented in a short space of time and without lengthy training. Produce smaller quantities in succession, without reorganizing work stations.

But that’s not all: The digital assembly instruction system is a fully integrated solution for your production and combines logistics, manufacturing, and quality assurance. Data exchange is performed in real time via the direct connection to the ERP system. Whether worker self-inspection, quantity notifications, or automated replenishment, the various components of the digital assembly instruction system facilitate networked and automated production.