Digital Service Management—Field Service Management Software

L-mobile service—the mobile service solution based on L-mobile CRM. Personnel deployment planning, service management, and mobile time tracking.

L-mobile Digital Service Management Functions Overview Page

Optimize your service and sales processes with the field service management software from L-mobile. From receipt of the malfunction notification in the field service office right through to invoicing, everything can be managed digitally. With L-mobile CRM, we provide you with the foundations for optimal service processes. Not only can office staff optimally manage master data, such as for customers, but they are also able to store checklists, important notes, and images for the service technicians. The service technicians also have access to information about the systems and machines on site.

Through route-optimized deployment planning, the dispatcher plans the best route for the service technician to take. Finally, the service technician can look at their mobile end device (tablet or smartphone) to see their field service assignments and when they are scheduled. The service app also provides service technicians with a digital knowledgebase where they can access information about the field service assignment in advance.