L-mobile Pick-by-Light | Put Your Picking Processes in the Spotlight

Absolute process reliability with the Pick-by-Light method

Pick-by-Light describes the technology behind the paperless picking method. The Pick-by-Light system guides the picker to the respective storage compartments by means of an optical light signal and shows them the quantity that needs to be picked for a picking order. With the elimination of printed pick orders, the picking speed can be increased by using Pick-to-Light, and process reliability can be improved at the same time.

The picking process with Pick-by-Light technology uses an optical signal on the compartment displays. The display shows the picker the quantity that needs to be picked at the corresponding storage compartment. The removal for the picking order is then confirmed by pressing the acknowledgment button at the storage compartment. Following this principle, the Pick-to-Light system guides warehouse personnel through the entire picking order based on efficient routes. Instant real-time reporting of stock changes back to the ERP system enables you to monitor material flow at all times and from any location, and thus identify optimization potential.