Production—Functions for Receipt, Issue, Unplanned Withdrawals, and Returns | An Extension Module for L-mobile warehouse ready for SAP Business One

Stock transparency is one of the most important prerequisites for your company’s success. When it comes to the interface between the warehouse and production, it is absolutely crucial that all the movements of goods out of and into the warehouse can be tracked and correct warehouse stock can be ensured.

This is because in manufacturing companies, materials are continuously withdrawn from warehouse stock for processing in production. The finished parts are often subsequently stored in the warehouse again, and occasionally too much material, or even the wrong material, is withdrawn and it is necessary to make a return. In short, there is a lot of movement in the warehouse.

So that you and your warehouse workers are always provided with up-to-date information about current warehouse stock and comprehensive stock transparency is ensured, L-mobile warehouse ready for SAP Business One supports you with the efficient “Production” extension module, which includes several useful functions.