Digital Field Service Management | Technician and Fitter Deployment Planning and Scheduling

The digital planning board is a planning tool within L-mobile’s digital management software, which depicts your entire service organization. The planning board depicts your organization in the form of personnel, map view, capacities, field service work orders, and non-productive times. It makes it possible for your service organization to completely plan locations and times for all service technician and fitter assignments. This makes it the ideal planning tool for dispatchers.

All relevant data comes from the field service management system, which in this case is customer data such as address, contact person, field service work orders, and information on device history records. It gives dispatchers an overview of pending orders which can be assigned to available technicians. The map view helps dispatchers to optimize route planning for field service staff.

As soon as a field service assignment is assigned to a field service technician via drag and drop, it becomes visible in the map view. A dispatcher can then combine individual field service assignments into a planned route on the map and determine the total travel time. This makes it possible for field service assignments to be combined with one another in a way that makes sense, making it possible for dispatchers to schedule all service technicians and fitters quickly, flexibly, and with minimal effort.