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More transparency at the warehouse with a warehouse dashboard

Customized dashboards offer new options for warehouse analysis

Business processes in companies today are more complex than ever and generate a large amount of data and information every day. Managing directors and management positions are faced with the ever-increasing challenge of maintaining an overview of all these processes and the most important KPIs (key performance indicators) at all times and continuously developing them further. This also applies to warehouse management. Various business areas are impacted as a company grows and finds itself faced with changing customer requirements. Warehouse management is also often affected by continuous market development.

Warehouse managers are supported above all by the operational reporting system, which provides them with crucial data and warehouse analyses in order to optimize logistics processes on a long-term basis. Warehouse dashboards can alleviate this situation by mapping storage areas and providing relevant key figures for analysis and planning. A warehouse dashboard makes it possible to carry out warehouse analyses and provides smart corporate management. In short: companies rely on successful business intelligence reporting!