SAP Business One ERP System | ERP Software for Medium-Sized Companies

L-mobile Mobile Software Solutions—SAP Business One ERP Interface

SAP Business One, also known as SB1 and SAP B1, is an ERP system primarily used by small and medium-sized companies, as well as subsidiaries of larger companies. As the SAP for small companies, SAP Business One provides real-time information via business processes which cover a variety of business areas. The modules included in SAP Business One range from financial management and human resources through purchasing and sales processes up to warehouse management and production. In addition, an SAP B1 module for managing support services for customers and suppliers as well as functions for handling project management also provide satisfactory components for planning and control.

You can use SAP B1 either on-premise, i.e. as a server-based operation installed locally, or in the cloud. SAP B1 can also be integrated with the SAP HANA platform when the ERP software is used in medium-sized companies. In addition, the SAP Business One ERP system is designed so that it can be extended by various applications, referred to as add-ons. As they are better integrated in the partner ecosystem, SAP Business One Partners have the ability to customize the ERP system by adding applications to meet the specific requirements of companies. As a result, any medium-sized company can carry out its own SAP Business One integrations to provide the ERP system with exactly the add-ons they need. This in turn makes it possible for you to get the best possible set of modules for your own processes. You can manage your work operations more easily and efficiently, while real-time information provides you with satisfactory transparency over your company. In this way the ERP system for small companies becomes an ideal starting point for the digitalization of your business processes.