Starter Kit for Mobile Warehouse Management with SAP Business One

Basic functions for quick and easy entry into mobile data collection in combination with SAP Business One

L-mobile Mobile Software Solutions—SAP Business One ERP Interface

Just how efficient are your warehouse processes? As part of the digitalization of your company, the implementation of digital warehouse management is the first step towards making these very processes more efficient, more transparent, and future-oriented. In our experience, medium-sized companies achieve the best results when the digitalization of warehouse processes is implemented on a step-by-step basis. With this in mind, we offer the L-mobile warehouse ready for SAP Business One starter kit for quick and easy entry into the world of mobile and digital warehouse management.

With our starter kit, medium-sized companies have the ideal solution to press ahead with the digitalization of warehouse processes. The starter kit is simply connected to SAP Business One as an add-on. There are a total of 11 basic modules which provide an ideal foundation for managing the movement of goods through mobile devices, maintaining picking lists, and performing mobile inventory. By connecting the warehouse management solution to your ERP system, you benefit from seamless data exchange—in real time. Modern barcode scanners with an intuitive user interface replace paper documents and manual data maintenance in SAP Business One.

In short, the starter kit for mobile and digital warehouse management enables you to master the first step towards digital transformation and allows your employees to gradually get used to the new digital processes.