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Founded by former scientists of the Technical University of Munich in 2012, KINEXON is a full stack company offering the perfect synthesis of hardware, firmware, software, and service. It originated in sports for capturing position and movement data of players and the ball, as well as highly accurate performance analysis. Building on this motion and analytics data, KINEXON Industries was founded in 2015. KINEXON Industries provides the industrial IoT with real-time positioning and location of all people and objects involved in the production and logistics process. The service portfolio includes both sensors for the centimeter-precise recording of positions, as well as acceleration and other data, and software applications to intelligently evaluate the data and visualize it on mobile devices. In addition, the KINEXON RIoT (Real-Time Internet-of-Things) software platform enables integration, processing, and visualization of data generated by both KINEXON and external systems.

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