Digital Service Management | Software as a Service—L-mobile service as a Cloud Solution

Efficient field service management software is the basis for the efficient handling of your field service work orders and field service assignments.
Our cloud-based L-mobile service SaaS solution means your organization can take full advantage of our years of experience in service.

Our SaaS solution makes it possible for you to get started immediately, without any huge investments, acquisition costs, or waiting period. And with regular release renewals, you always have the latest version of our software solution.

The monthly subscription term and no annual commitment mean you always remain flexible. You can add new licenses on short notice whenever you take on new service technicians.

Digital deployment planning using the digital planning board helps you stay on top of everything. And makes it possible for you to quickly assign field service work orders and field service assignments to qualified service technicians out in the field. The map view of orders and technicians helps you manage your organization efficiently. And when your technical customer service team sends you mobile reports on the times spent and materials used in an order as well as digital field service reports, our software sends on this information without delay.